FAQ & Drying Tips

Owners manual & installation instructions
Hills Rotary Washing Lines Owners Manual, including installation instructions for :
Hills Rotary Hoist Washing Lines 6, 7 and 8.

Can a hoist/rotary dryer be mounted on concrete?

Hills do not recommend that you bolt the hoist to concrete. The hoist is designed to be installed in concrete in the ground as per the owners manual. By installing it direct onto concrete (even using a bolted base of some sort), with clothes on the line in a very windy situation could result in the hoist being wrenched from its “base”. Any installation adaptation other than that recommended in our manual will void any warranty on the hoist.

Do Hills make a cover for the clotheslines to protect clothes?

Hills do not make covers for our clotheslines. There are some technical constraints that may lead to the potential for damage or injury if the device was caught in strong gusts of wind.

If a canopy is used on a Hills clothesline it would void our warranty as per the owners manual instruction.

What is the height of the Folding Head Hoist/Rotary Dryer?

  • Prior to inserting into ground socket & in wound down position is 2710mm.
  • Height of the unit, when opened in a wound down position prior to inserting into ground socket, is 2510mm.
  • Height from the ground level when folded and in wound down position can vary from 2270mm to 2420mm depending upon the number of spacers used in the ground socket.
  • Height from the ground level when opened and in wound down position can vary from 2070mm to 2220mm depending upon the number of spacers used in the ground socket.
  • Ground socket is 440mm long.
  • Spacer is 50mm long – up to 3 can be used.

Why does my Retracting Line sag?

The retracting lines will inevitably sag slightly as the lines are strung between two points. The clothes however, should not be touching the ground at all.

Please check that the line is extended a minimum of 4 metres and a maximum of 6.5m. If it is outside these lengths the line will not tension or lock and so bad sagging will occur.

Please also check that when hanging large items such as sheets that they are doubled over lines. If you are hanging out a load of washing, spread the heavy items to the edge of the line and not towards the middle. This will provide tension for the centre of the line where sag is most apparent.

How should I carry out a maintenance for my sprayer?

  • Make sure the sprayer is not pressurised and contains no liquid
  • Make sure you wear protective clothing (gloves, etc)
  • Carefully unscrew the Valve Cap (green)
  • Remove the Valve Plunger Assembly (yellow)
  • Thoroughly wash the Valve Plunger and inside Valve Body
  • If worn replace €œO€ rings
  • Thoroughly lubricate with Vaseline the Valve Plunger and €œO€ Rings
  • Re-assemble Valve Plunger with €œO€ rings and spring assembly inside Valve Body and secure with Valve Cap

How will my order be delivered?

All Hills Washing Lines are delivered via our preferred carrier, UPS. Most other products will also be delivered via UPS, the exception being some of the smaller Hills sprayers which are sent via Royal Mail. If you are not at home when UPS attempts to deliver, they will put a ‘Contact Us’ card through your letterbox. It is then up to you to contact them directly and rearrange delivery at a time convenient to you.

What happens if my order arrives damaged or incomplete?

We pride ourselves on our efficient and well managed fulfilment service. However, on rare occasions a product may arrive damaged or incomplete. If this happens please contact us immediately on +44 (0)118 973 8971 and one of our team will arrange for a spare part or a brand new product to be sent to you. Any such instances should be reported to us within 14 days of receipt of the product.