Customer Reviews

If I could sing the praises of this clothesline on TV, I would! When I bought my house in 2003, I had one of these washing lines sent to me from Australia. I'd admired my sister's and couldn't find a comparable product anywhere in the UK. It holds an entire household wash without taking up the entire back garden: sheets, towels, clothes, everything fits onto the Hill's washing line. So much more efficient than the typical British washing line strung across the garden. And it folds down neatly when you aren't using it.
Congratulations to Hills for finally bringing their famous Australian clotheslines to the UK.

P. Jane, London

"I received the Extenda 4 earlier this week and we have installed it today. It is FANTASTIC! - I am so pleased with this, it works brilliantly and the quality is excellent (as with all Hills Products) - you know I am a huge fan! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, advice and assistance, it was much appreciated."

Sharon Gladwin, Uxbridge

"Hills Clotheslines are not just the highest quality, they are also easy to assemble. It's hard to believe that something so robust and durable could be so user friendly as well"

Derek Stephens

€œWhether I€„¢m spraying roses for aphids, keeping leaf curl at bay on my fruit trees or getting on top of the weeds, I always need a good reliable sprayer. Let€„¢s face it, there€„¢s nothing worse than mixing up a concentrate and tipping it into a sprayer only to find the unit doesn€„¢t work!! That€„¢s why Hills brand sprayers are in my shed. From the large backpacks to the smaller trigger models, they are always ready to go anywhere, anytime €€œ no problems, that€„¢s what I like!€

Kym Syrus, Australian garden show presenter

"I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered I could get a Hills clothesline in England. Since I left Australia almost twenty years ago, I haven't been able to find anything which quite matches the tough quality of a Hills hoist. Seeing it in my garden every morning gives me a sense of reassurance and I know that it will still be standing there in another twenty years time!"

Barbara Johnson, Cheltenham

"I'm so glad I can finally buy a Hills clothesline here in the UK as they really are so superior to other brands"

Marion Lewis, Sidcup, Kent