About Us

Greener Garden Solutions & Hills

Greener Garden Solutions (GGS) was established in 2010 to enable UK consumers to access the much loved and highly sought after product range of Australia’s Hills Industries. By opening up Hills to the UK market, GGS aims to establish itself as the UK’s leading supplier of premium clotheslines and other eco-friendly home and garden products.

Hills Industries Limited is Australia’s leading name in home hardware and garden care. Ever since Lance Hill started designing and manufacturing rotary air dryers in Australia more than 60 years ago, Hills has been at the forefront of clothesline innovation and excellence worldwide. By the 1960s, the ‘Hills Hoist’ could be seen in gardens across Australia and beyond and has since achieved iconic status in the minds of generations of Australians.

Today, GGS is proud to be distributing Hills unique range of high quality washing lines – and more – in the UK. Whether you are after an original ‘Hills Hoist’ (Rotary 6, 7 and 8 ) or a folding frame washing line (Supa Fold) or retractable washing line (Extenda) if garden space is at a premium, you can be sure that your Hills clothes line will take pride of place in your garden.